Classic Audio by Michael Fidler

SPARTAN Series Products

SPARTAN 5 Phonostage

Bringing the most out of a single-stage phono preamp for high-efficiency of performance, price, power consumption, and features.

SPARTAN 5 Thumbnail

Available to ship worldwide! RIAA accuracy to ±0.25dB, second order subsonic filtering, and mono switching. Uniquely weaving double-stage features around a single amplifier design, the SPARTAN 5 is a truly complete pint pot performer, representing a significant step-up from integrated and contemporary external phonostages.

Price including UK P&P: £150

SPARTAN 15 Phonostage

High-spec re-engineered double-stage design that further builds upon the S10, realising exceptional performance with MM cartridges at an affordable price point.


Available to ship worldwide! RIAA accuracy to ±0.1dB, third order subsonic filtering, low frequency crossfeed, and mono switching. A new power supply circuit extends headroom past 10V RMS output, while increased gain splitting between the two amplifier stages further reduces distortion. £50 cheaper, despite improved performance!

Price including UK P&P: £330

SPARTAN 30 Headphone Amplifier

A new look at preamplifier design, combining a high-quality headphone output with enough features for a complete system using active speakers.

SPARTAN 30 Thumbnail

Limited availability! Three high-impedance RCA inputs, fully balanced line outputs, and up to 700mW of output into high-impedance headphones. An original new active balanced volume control design, based on a precise industrial-spec potentiometer, provides continously variable gain over a wide range with very low noise and distortion.

Price including UK P&P: £450

SPARTAN 20 Phonostage

This further expansion of previous double-stage moving magnet designs brings the same performance to moving coil, for even greater versatility.

SPARTAN 20 combination phonostage

Now available in the UK only! The same high-performance MM signal path as the SPARTAN 15, plus an MC head amplifier with a 77dB signal-to-noise ratio out of a 500µV cartridge. Selectable inputs for MM and MC make a two-turntable setup a breeze, and parallel line outputs make archiving easy during listening.

Current price including UK P&P: £450

SPARTAN 78 Phonostage

Designed specifically for 78s and early LPs, this fully-featured mono phonostage transforms listening to old discs at a low price than any other.

SPARTAN 78 Mono Legacy Phonostage

Coming soon! Six equalisation curves for all eras, noise-filtering bandwidth switch, and 3rd order subsonic filtering. Using a highly efficient new circuit design, two amplifier stages realise 25dB of overload margin to handle the worst artefacts legacy pressings can throw at them. A must have product for seriously sublime sound from shellac.

Price including UK P&P: £200

SPARTAN 10 Phonostage (Discontinued)

Double-stage innovation extracts new detail out of MM cartridges while stopping low-frequency noise in its tracks.

SPARTAN 10 Thumbnail

DISCONTINUED Low-frequency crossfeed, RIAA accuracy to ±0.1dB, third order subsonic filtering, and mono switching. The circuit design realises wonderfully low distortion by reducing frequency compensation on the input amplifier and carefully sharing the gain between two stages, resulting in the best performance at three figures and beyond.

Price including UK P&P: £380