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Italy October 2023

My system consists of two Onken boxes with four Altec 416b, two Altec 1803b horns with two Radian 951 and two Stereolab with Tad 2002 drivers, the cut-off frequencies are at 300 Hz and 2,000 Hz with passive crossover adjustable up to -10db, placed between the preamp and the power amps.

The preamp is a Benchmark LA4 and the tri-amplification is made up of 2 Benchmark AHB" on the mids and highs with Hypex Ncore modules on the bass. The turntable is an EMT 930 with TSD15 sfl head and the phono pre is your Classic Audio creation MC PRO.

Michael Fidler MC PRO

MC PRO phonostage in Marco's setup

The CDP is a Sony and the DAC is a Gustard A26 which I don't use much lately because since I got your MC PRO phono I continue to listen to LPs and I'm literally enthusiastic about it. All the LPs seem to have been listened to for the first time, so many are the new details, the infinite dynamics, the deep bass, the natural mids and the extended highs that highlight even the smallest sounds naturally. All this with a background noise that was not I was not used to it at all, everything was fantastic.

I took the phono to a friend who has another high efficiency system and here too with other high level cartridges and turntables it worked extraordinarily and outclassed his phono preamp which cost five times as much.

Marco, Italy


UK August 2023

The MC Pro has joined my ever changing Hi-Fi Rack and is a keeper. It's not fussy on placement, low noise pollution through the system (unlike the Rega Aria and ANT stages good as they both were).

LP's go on the Rega 10 turntable and play to the end due to the entertainment given. Yes even those dodgy ones where I used to play only a few selected tracks. I have no technical explaination of what makes the MC Pro so good - in fact I was worried about the aray of fascia switches, but Michael advised for my cartridge and all is fine - I only have to worry about the On/Off switch.

Michael Fidler MC PRO

MC PRO phonostage in Ken's setup

I bought on an agreed sale or return basis (I'd settled on a pair of attenuators which got rid of my noise problem) and happily the MC Pro matched the interference noise levels (now at 12-o-clock plus) and of course improved the sound. OK I'm off to play and buy more records.

Ken, Hertfordshire


Australia July 2023

The S5 arrived in one week to Australia: amazing work by the postal services. I'll give you a couple of first impressions and if you're interested a fuller review in a couple weeks after either the amp, my brain or both burn in. Sent a picture of my entertainment area for your amusement. I think you will gather I have some idea what I'm on about.

Ken's HiFi system

Ken's HiFi system

I plugged the S5 into a Goldring 1042 immediately and can tell you the depth of soundstage is only rivalled by my $1500 preamp. It is not in your face like my other comparably priced stuff, I'm still letting things sink in but detail isn't missing; refinement comes to mind. Looking forward to re-listening to my mono discs.

Thanks for the prompt service. I am already very happy with my purchase.

Ken, Australia


USA June 2023

Just received the phono preamp. Right away. Louder, so much louder. Keeping the volume at the same level, much louder.

Louder is probably relatively easy for engineers, but louder without increasing noise floor, distortion, pops and crackles etc is another deal. Not only is it louder but the hum and other associated noises from the record and turntable are much lower.

Spartan 15 phonostage

Sean's SPARTAN 15

I was a very skeptical, CD era guy and I am not saying I am now 100% vinyl guy now but I am surprised at the upgrade. I really am.

Sean's system with Spartan 15

Sean's HiFi system

Regardless, well done sir, well done.

Sean, USA


UK May 2023

Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the Spartan 15. The dynamics and stereo imaging are superb.

I use a strain gauge system which I think is pretty superlative but this more than stands up to it. It manages to pull out so much detail but is not wearing in any way.

SPARTAN 15 phonostage

SPARTAN 15 (bottom left) in Lee's system

I’ve been upgrading my system over the past couple of years and this is the icing on the cake.

I heard a rumour that you are working on a headphone amp. If so I’d be interested in hearing it.

Lee, London


USA May 2023

Received the preamp in perfect condition this past Monday. I began listening after it came to room temperature and have not stopped since.

MM Pro phonostage

Andy's MM Pro

Your preamp is extraordinary. It far exceeds my expectations. I have always listened first to woodwinds and piano for my assessment. Natural and realistic. Voices are expressive and textured. Bass is very deep and powerful. As detailed as any preamp I have owned regardless of price.

Andy Rocker's HiFi system

Andy's high-end setup

Thanks again for the great service and producing such an exceptional product. It is one of the best values I have encountered in 50 years with this hobby (obsession).

Andy, USA

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