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Placing orders

To maintain competitive prices and deliver the absolute best value-for-money to non UK customers, Classic Audio Ltd. currently supplies products directly overseas. All orders are currently placed via e-mail. The e-mail address below (audio recording provided for accessibility) is provided specifically for placing orders and will see the quickest response as opposed to those made via the contact page.

Ordering e-mail address

Power supplies with suitable voltage ratings for the UK, Australia, EU, USA, and Canada are included automatically as standard with all deliveries to respective regions with GB 240V, EU 220V, and NEMA 120V plug types. Customers in Australia will need to source a plug adaptor as the 240V types supplied are fitted with GB plugs.

All orders are sent using a secure delivery service with signed proof of delivery upon arrival.


Current standard prices are shown below, including delivery to their respective regions.

MC PRO £650 €750 $850 $1200 $1100
MM PRO £600 €700 $800 $1100 $1000
SPARTAN 78 £200 €260 $300 $420 $380
SPARTAN 30 £450 €550 $600 $900 $800
SPARTAN 15 £330 €400 $450 $660 $600
SPARTAN 5 £150 €185 $200 $300 $270

For UK orders, payment is accepted by bank transfer only. For US and EU orders, payments can be made through Wise Payments via payment links, or directly in Euros and United States Dollars to Classic Audio Ltd.'s respective Euro and dollar bank accounts, making exchange fees unnecessarily. Other currencies such as AUD, CAD, and INR are also possible. Please e-mail for more details.

UK returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery, as per consumer rights law. For overseas customers, returns are accepted only for faulty or damaged units.